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DataFab Hi-Speed USB multi-slot flash card reader/writer ( model name: F4-USB2 ) won 2003 Taiwan Symbol of Excellent Award
Taipei, Taiwan, January 22, 2003 - Hi-Speed USB multi-slot flash card reader/writer ( model name: F4-USB2 ) from DataFab Systems Inc. won 2003 Taiwan Symbol of Excellent Award implemented for the past 12 years by the China External Trade Development Council ( CETRA ) at the behest of the Ministry of Economics Affairs ( MOEA ). Following an intensive public scrutiny, the 2003 Taiwan Symbol of Excellent ( SOE ) Winners have finally been made public. The winners were picked from a field of 724 entries judged on the R&D innovation, Design innovation, Quality systems, Marketing, and Brand awareness for their products. The list of honorees is posted at http://taiwaninnovalue.com ( * Source: taiwaninnovalue.com )

"It is a great honor for winning such special award with" "It's very well made in Taiwan" " symbol for excellent for the product " said Ron Y. Shieh, president of DataFab Systems Inc. "It really means DataFab has the best product design with highest quality that is made in Taiwan". Being selected by a panel of judges is a great encouragement to its product team. It shows that DataFab concentrates on the innovation and value of its products development and provides the highest quality products together with the best services that make DataFab the leader in flash card reader business.

Hi-Speed USB 6 in 1 flash card reader/writer provides versatile functions. It is portable, interoperability and the upgradeable memory cards can be implemented, which can be used among the digital electronic devices such as digital still/video cameras, PDAs, MP3 players...etc.

Product Features:
  • Read and write CompactFlash™ IBM Microdrive™ SmartMedia™ Memory Stick™ Secure Digital and MultiMedia card.
  • The simple reader/writer performs up to 40 times faster than the original USB 1.1 specification and is capable of moving date at a 480Mbps. For those of you who are using serial cables to download your camera photos, certainly you will appreciate the difference between minutes and seconds !!!
  • Compact design and easy to carry. It is an ideal mobile device.
  • Allows data, music, photos transferring among the variety applications and platforms.
  • With an appropriate flash card, the reader/writer becomes a mini Solid State Drive. This allows you to easily transfer large files, which just won't fit on a floppy.
  • Plug & play and hot swapping.
  • No external power required and great compatibility. High Speed USB Bus Power certified.

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