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DataFab's products awarded "Editor's Choice" from PC Shopper March Edition and PCDIY April Edition
Taipei, Taiwan, May 14, 2002 - DataFab Systems Inc., the world leader in flash card readers/writers, today announced that PC Shopper March Edition has selected DataFab's flash card readers/writers - FireWire™ dual-slot CompactFlash™ / SmartMedia™ ( Model name: POCFSM-FW ), USB key type CompactFlash™ ( Model name: KECF-USB ), Memory Stick™ ( Model name: KCMS-USB ), MultiMedia/Secure Digital ( Model name: KCSD-USB ), SmartMedia™ ( Model name: KESM-USB ) and USB 5 in 1 CF/IBM Microdrive/SM/SD/MMC card reader/writer ( Model name: WIN3SD-USB ) to be "Editor's Choice". In addition, PCDIY April Edition has also selected Hi-Speed USB 2.0/FireWire™ 2.5" IDE Drive Enclosure ( Model name: MD2-FW11-USB2 ) and Hi-Speed USB 2.0/FireWire™ 3.5" IDE Drive Enclosure (M odel name: MD3A-FW11-USB2 ) to be "Editor's Choice".

The Editor's Choices of PC Shopper and PCDIY are the most prestigious awards in PC Magazines field. The awards regularly honor top products as the best choice by judging their price performance, value-added function and overall working performance. And the awards have been presented in PC Shopper March Edition and PCDIY April Edition already.

In contest, DataFab beats all the competitors and stands out above the rest. "Overall, the fashionable design, easy to carry and high efficiency, DataFab's flash card readers/writers are worthy of highly recommendation for all kinds of the users", said editor, PC shopper.

Hi-Speed USB 2.0/IEEE-1394 2.5", 3.5" IDE Drive Enclosures have been passed USB 2.0 Compliance Testing which show their high quality and USB 2.0 compliance. "Integrate FireWire™ and USB 2.0 interfaces into one device which can be widely used among PC, MAC and Notebook. It is the best device for data security, backup and capacity expansion", said editor, PCDIY.
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