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DataFab unveils the World's first CompactFlash? to Memory Stick? Adapter
Taipei, Taiwan, August 10, 2001 - DataFab Systems Inc, the world leader in flash card readers/writers, unveils the World's first CompactFlash™ to Memory Stick™ adapter. The adapter converts Memory Stick™ to standard CompactFlash™ form factor, which allows data/files, music, photos transferring among the variety applications and platforms.

"Memory Stick™", a recording medium based on flash memory technology, can be used to record and transfer data among a wide spectrum of Sony application such as computers, digital still/video cameras, portable music players, voice recorders, etc. Pictures taken or data stored by Sony electronic devices can be viewed or edited by any CompactFlash slot equipment through this kind of CompactFlash™ to Memory Stick™ adapter made by Datafab.

In addition to CompactFlash™ to Memory Stick™ adapter, DataFab also produces CompactFlash™ to MultiMedia & Secure Digital memory card adapter in volume. The adapter converts the popular recording media ( MultiMedia & Secure Digital Memory Cards ), which is adopted respectively by Siemens 6688 cell phone, Palm PDA, Panasonic digital electronic devices, etc. to CompactFlash format. Both adapters are shipping now and expected to be on the street market place soon.

DataFab's CompactFlash™ adapters can make good use of Memory Stick™, MultiMedia & Secure Digital Memory cards which are not only used on their own equipped devices but also fit for CompactFlash™ equipped digital electronic devices. For example, if you have a PDA with CompactFlash card slot, but you only have a Sony Memory Stick™ on hand, it becomes very convenient for you to insert Memory Stick™ into DataFab's CompactFlash™ to Memory Stick adapter, then put into the CompactFlash™ slot of PDA, you can easily view or edit on the screen whatever you like. That's the reason we strongly recommend the convenience of these two kinds of adapters.

DataFab Systems Inc. innovated the world's first external flash card reader in 1994 and since then, DataFab has received 19 patents in six major countries for various flash card readers/writers design & newer technology. Launching the world's first Parallel Port and 1394/FireWire flash card readers/writers ( patented in Japan and others are pending ), DataFab has been leading the world market with many innovative flash card reader design and devoting to all its resources in creating newer and better flash card readers for all available flash card types with all different interfaces. Obviously, DataFab is the most outstanding leader now in various flash card readers business all over the world.
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