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DataFab Systems Inc. Launches 6 in 1 & Key Type USB card redaer in Computex Taipei 2001, Booth No. C618,620. (KEMS-USB won the Best Hardware System of Comdex/Asia-ACW Awards 2001)
Taipei, Taiwan, May 16, 2001 - DataFab Systems Inc. will present its new products ?Four-slot & Key Type USB card readers in Computex Taipei 2001. DataFab's four-slot card reader - ML4-USB can read and write each kind of flash memory cards existing in the market now. And its compact and ingenious Key Type card reader design of USB port are the ideal way to carry around, download and upload the valuable data/files. The new design has KE series, KC series, DT series which is respectively compatible with Secure Digital, MultiMedia, CompactFlash™, SmartMedia™, and Memory Stick™ cards.

DataFab provides each kind of flash memory card readers for each kind of flash memory cards, such as CompactFlash™, SmartMedia™, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, and Memory Stick™ cards in the market. DataFab manufactures and designs the single-slot, dual-slot flash card reader/writer, and now it also presents its four-slot flash memory card reader. With DataFab's high-speed transfer rate card reader, it is no longer necessary to connect your digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA or other electronics devices to your computer via a slow speed interface cable. Simply insert your memory card into the card reader, the files can be accessed or transferred by dragging and dropping like a floppy disk or hard drive. DataFab Systems Inc. offers the fastest and easiest solution to make your data transfer possible.

DataFab Systems Inc. has been devoted in portable storage systems started in 1992. It has received 18 patents in six major countries and also obtained several product awards for its innovative technology. Launching the world's first Parallel Port interface, the world's only 1394/FireWire interface card readers/writers ( Japanese Patent granted ) and mass-producing the 1394/FireWire and USB card readers/writers. DataFab has been leading the world market with many innovative flash card reader designs and devoting to all its resources in creating newer and better flash card readers for all available flash card types with all different interfaces. Obviously, DataFab is the outstanding leader now in various flash card readers business all over the world.
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