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Protecting its innovations in flash card readers/writers, DataFab has officially filed legal court actions against patent infringement cases
Taipei, Taiwan, February 26, 2001 - DataFab Systems Inc. officially filed a patent infringement suit against one local company who has been infringing DataFab flash card reader/writer patent rights. "DataFab will continue to follow up with more official legal actions against other flash card reader makers who has infringed DataFab patent rights", said Ron Y. Shieh, president of DataFab Systems Inc. "DataFab's board has determined to protect its innovation and intellectual properties against patent infringement cases".

DataFab, the world leader in flash card reader/writer business, is the only manufacturer in the world who now offers a complete comprehensive line of card readers/writers which include all interfaces ( 1394/FireWire™, USB, PCMCIA, Parallel Port ) for all removable flash memory card types, CompactFlash™, SmartMedia™, MultiMedia, PCMCIA, Memory Stick™, Secure Digital cards. In addition to this, DataFab is now ready to roll out its new triple-slot and four-slot flash card readers/writers in Q1, 2001.

Currently, there is no other flash card reader maker in the world offering this complete line of products that DataFab is. The flash card reader/writer was designed for those who use digital still/video cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, Mobile phones, etc. to transfer digital files/data to and from PC and Macintosh machines.

DataFab Systems Inc. innovated the world's first external flash card reader in 1994 and since then DataFab has received 17 patents in six major countries for flash card reader designs. Launching the world's first Parallel Port and 1394/FireWire flash card readers/writers ( patented in Japan and others are pending ), DataFab has been leading the world market with many innovative flash card reader designs and devoting all its resources in creating newer and better flash card readers for all available flash card types with all different interfaces. DataFab is clearly the world leader now in flash card reader business.
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