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DataFab Systems Inc. will introduce USB key type flash memory card readers/writers early in March
Taipei, Taiwan, February 23, 2001 - DataFab Systems Inc. proudly announces to introduce the USB key type flash memory card readers/writers. This development is compatible with CompactFlas™ Memory Stick™ MultiMedia, Secure Digital and SmartMedi™ cards. Once again, DataFab presents its innovative technology, stylish design and manufacturing capability to meet customers' demands.

With the compact design, USB key type flash memory card reader/writer weights less than 30 grams each and the size is only slightly bigger than the flash memory cards inserted. No extra cable and external power is required. USB key type flash memory card reader/writer is the ideal tool for the mobile users to transfer data in high-speed to/from laptops/desktops to/from electronic devices.

USB key type flash memory card reader/writer features high-speed transfer, plug & play, hot swapping and works on both PC and MAC. It's the fastest solution for people who use digital still/video cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, mobile phones, etc.. to transfer data to/from the USB-ready computers. Having DataFab's flash memory card reader/writer, you surely own a key to open the digital life faster than others do.

Except the functionality of data transferring, it also can be used as a "hard drive" for data backup and storage allocation expansion. To backup the valuable data from your computer and store in your memory cards regularly by using USB key type flash memory card reader/writer, it can ensure of data security and get back your valuable data from memory cards after computer virus intrusion of the hard disk.

DataFab Systems Inc. has been devoted in card reader industry for years. It received 17 patents in six major countries and also obtained product awards for its innovative technology, which is far ahead of all its competitors. Launching the world's first Parallel Port and the world's only 1394/FireWire card readers/writers ( Japanese Patented ) and mass producing of various interfaces readers/writers, DataFab has built up a very strong foothold in business and won a respectable reputation among any tier of customers. To keep customers satisfaction is always its top priority concern and key to success as well.
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