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DataFab Systems Inc offers all readers for all flash cards with all interfaces
Taipei, Taiwan, October 27, 2000 - Systems Inc. the world's only one manufacturer who offers a comprehensive line of card readers/writers which include various interfaces ( 1394/FireWire™ USB, PCMCIA, Parallel Port ) for removable storage media such as CompactFlash™ SmartMedia™ MultiMedia, PCMCIA, Memory Stick™ SD memory card, etc..

DataFab has been successfully developed and mass produced a comprehensive line of card readers/writers complying with all formats' media existing in the market now. Flash memory card, a recording medium based on flash memory technology, can be used to record and transfer data among a wide spectrum of application such as computers, digital still/video cameras, portable music players, LCD televisions, printers, voice recorders, etc. All the content such as music, images, movies, news, etc. are available for downloading in digital form. The demand for compact, reliable and easy to use medium to store high capacity of data/files is growing rapidly which causes the increasing demand of card readers/writers for all formats' media with all interfaces.

With presenting the world's first 1394/FireWire CompactFlash™ card readers, 1394/FireWire™ SmartMedia™ card readers, 1394/FireWire™ Memory Stick™ readers and the first USB SD ( Secure Digital ) memory card readers in Taiwan, DataFab indeed owns many No. 1 positions worldwide. After so many years' dedication in this field, DataFab has entered global market and led the industry by successfully producing all readers for all flash cards with all interfaces.

FireWire™ flash card readers/writers feature high-speed transfer rate, hot swapping, daisy chain as well as plug and play on both PC and MAC. 1394/FireWire™ interface performs more than 30 times faster than USB does. Through 1394/FireWire™ transfer, you can download MBs of images in a snap. In addition, DataFab's USB dual-slot CompactFlash/™ Memory Stick™ reader accepts Memory Stick™ Type I/II CompactFlash™ and IBM MicroDrive. Two slots can be used at the same time for data/files exchanging. DataFab USB SD card readers/writers accept the SD ( Secure Digital ) cards and most MultiMedia cards in one device. There is no necessity to buy two different card readers/writers for two media.

Except 1394 and USB interfaces, DataFab is also the first one providing Parallel Port card readers/writers and owns 15 patents in six major countries. With DataFab's high speed card readers/writers, it is no longer necessary to connect your digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA or other electronics devices to your computer via a slow speed interface cable. Simply insert flash memory card into the reader, the files can be accessed or transferred by dragging and dropping like a floppy disk or hard drive. DataFab Systems Inc. offers the fastest and easiest solution to make your data transfer possible. According to the market research, the forecast demand for digital still camera will be up to 24 millions by 2003, besides, the booming of mobile phone, MP3 and PDA industry, obviously, flash card readers/writers have great potential in the current & future market.

DataFab Systems Inc. has been devoted in card reader industry for many years. It owns several patents and product awards for its innovative technology. DataFab is the innovator of portable flash card readers/writers, owns 15 patents in six major countries, which is far ahead of all its competitors. Launching the world's first Parallel Port interface, the world's only 1394/FireWire interface card readers/writers ( patents pending now ) and mass producing the 1394/FireWire and USB card readers/writers, DataFab has built up a very strong foothold in business and won a respectable reputation among any tier of customers. To keep customer satisfied is always our top priority concern and our key to success as well.
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