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ExpressCard Products Debut on Nov. 16
October 19, 2006–DataFab Systems Inc. cordially invites you to our booth at ExpressCard Technology Showcase Event (Nov. 16), The Westin Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan. Being an ExpressCard / PCMCIA member, DataFab is excited to participate and sponsor the Event.

ExpressCard transmits at much higher speed (2.5Gb/s) than PCMCIA (132MByte/s) and USB 2.0 (480Mbps). Requiring no cable or set-up, products are add-in (not visible from host products) and easy to carry along. Available as flash card reader/writer, an USB port adapter, or an extender between two interfaces, DataFab products are certified to pass ExpressCard standard and other applicable tests (xD-Picture Card™ for example), to ensure no compatibility issues.

To take advantage of complete insertion in notebooks, DataFab further expanded the technology to incorporate hard disk function. expSSD (patent pending), an ExpressCard Solid State Device (patent pending), has the exterior design, similar to other ExpressCard products, yet without a slot to read and write cards. With memory options up to 32GB, expSSD is used as an extended hard disk for notebooks.

More products will be showcased as below,
ExpressCard™/ 34mm: as a reader/writer for up to 12 flash cards, an USB port adapter, and an extender from /34 to 54mm.
ExpressCard™/ 54mm: as a reader/writer for 12 flash cards, or with 2 slots

** Patents pending for all products mentioned here or showcased at the Event.

For further information, please contact KH KO (Sales) kh-ko@datafab.com
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